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Wed, Nov. 24th, 2004, 06:43 pm

I remember when the Berlin Wall fell, I re-call where I was and the thoughts I had as I witnessed it much like the rest of the populous, as a special report on the nightly news. My family and I sat glued to the television, the sights, the raw emotion as men wielding hammers without the sicle proceeding it, brought down an ideal, a government, an institution. My father made sure to tell us of the impotance of this event, I could only cry.

On that day over one decade ago, the Cold-War ended and over Thirty-years of American ended with it. German citizens, of both East and West Berlin, chipped away at the concrete wall, weeping, knowing the importance of what they saw happening before them. My little brother was disinterested, my older sister asking numerous questions, I sat quiet trying to take in all the images, it is probably one of the few times I have been able to sit silent without inner-commentary distraction.

Later that evening I drew crude pictures to detail what I thought I saw, my mother wept when I brought them to her proud with stick figures and fists in the air coloured black and red. My father wondered what was next to come, where would the world lead with a Communist super-power weakened, for this I was to young to answer. Now, however, I am old enough to know that it lead to no good.

The United States would become the lone super-power, and later abuse any credibility we have as such. For the better part of the '90's we were merely a military of humanitary need. Now, post 9/11, we are a force to fear, even when it comes to our own citizens wanting to display their distaste, distrust, and dissent when it comes to decisions that are supposedly made on our behalf.

These words I write are long over-due, I have been verbal regarding them for quite some time but have found little need to get them down for the public to see, but I want to make it clear where my loyalties lie. No more than a month into our Presidents re-election I see nothing but more of the same, and I am afraid. For the first time in my life I am afraid of the power that one man commands.

Will we, one day, dismantle the walls of our supposed freedom? Will our children, or children's children paint pictures of the day the "thought" they were free? I haven't answers to these questions only commentary involving more questions, but I am prone to thinking that Lenin was once believed to be a great leader, as was Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hunn, and the varuous Caesers of ancient Rome. One day our empire will topple, this is inevitable. How it will be looked upon by our future history remains my final question.

**Sorry for getting political, I walked home from work today and these thoughts were all I could ponder during the one mile stroll in freezing temperatures.**